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About Us

Explore sustainable, affordable, and stylish container homes with us at Canberra Container Homes!

Our team is committed to delivering high-quality, eco-friendly living solutions. From full-time residences to vacation homes, guest houses, or offices, our versatile and durable container homes are designed to meet your needs. We make the building process easy and stress-free, guiding you from the initial consultation to the final walkthrough.

Welcome to a world of innovative and comfortable living!

Our Vision

Maximizing space and functionality, our container homes boast clever storage solutions and modern finishes, creating a stylish and comfortable living space despite their compact size. Standout features include a solar power system for self-sufficient living, providing clean energy to power appliances, lighting, and more. Ideal for disaster relief solutions, unique vacation rentals, minimalist homes, off-grid living, or sustainable tourism.

Self Sufficient

Off Grid Living

Convenient Connections

Our Designs

Simply click on the model you wish to view, then click on the “full screen” button (4 arrows pointing outwards) in the very bottom right hand corner once it has loaded. Moving around and zooming is all done with the mouse. To move the actual camera position, hold the SHIFT button while manipulating the mouse.

Every container will have:
– Double glazed window and door
– Moisture barrier and Insulation with an energy rating of R3.5
– LED internal lighting
– Sustainably sourced building materials
– Can be either Mains power, solar power (off-grid) or powered with a 240V extension lead.

The containers with ensuites will also have:
– Full sized shower
– Toilet, vanity and exhaust fan
– Choice of gas or electric hot water system
– Can be either Mains water or tank water
– Can be either Mains sewerage, Septic system or holding tank.

The containers with a kitchen will also have:
– Full functioning kitchen with 2 zone cooktop, rangehood, undercounter fridge, microwave and sink
– Choice of gas or electric cooktop

Clicking on the button underneath the model of a configuration will load the floor plan.

Clean Slate
$39,700 inc GST

Clean Slate and Bathroom
$44,700 inc GST

Clean Slate and Ensuite
$47,700 inc GST
Bunk, Lounge and Storage
$48,800 inc GST
Bunk, Lounge and Ensuite
$53,000 inc GST
Queen, Lounge and Storage
$46,800 inc GST
Queen, Lounge and Ensuite
$51,000 inc GST
Queen, Kitchen and Ensuite
$59,500 inc GST

If you don’t see a configuration that will suit your needs, please feel free to contact us to discuss your options.

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